Mr. Paul Dennis, Manager Sherbrook Apts., Bldg. Q-5 Cortland NY 13045

Dear Paul:

Thank you for your timely return of my security deposit and interest. That in itself is a positive sign that you are a landlord and business person of high character.

I would be very happy to comment on my two years at Sherbrook Apartments.

I would like to let you know how wonderful you and your staff are. The response time for any emergencies or calls I had made to you were dealt with in a timely manner and very professionally. You keep your buildings clean and well-kept; a place that I have not hesitated to recommend to my friends and colleges. I appreciated the fact that you took pride in maintaining the "small" things: plowing when needed, snow-blowing the sidewalks and salting them, mowing the lawns, planting flowers and shrubs, trimming trees and shrubs, and general upkeep. Your maintenance of Sherbrook is immaculate and thoughtful to your tenants.

My home at Sherbrook truly felt just like that: a home. I loved the tree outside my kitchen and bedroom windows, the flowers that bloomed regularly every spring and the ample storage/closet space in my home. It's rare to find an apartment where each room feels like you are in a living space rather than just an ordinary apartment. The kitchen felt like a real kitchen because of its size and the colors you chose to cover the floor and counter tops and bathroom helped to contribute to that feeling of "home". I loved how the sun came through the windows in the kitchen in the morning and set through the other side in the living room in the evening. You and your wife, Peggy, and Mrs. Foot, your staff and the neighbors (you have an uncanny sense of whom would make a good neighbor) all made living at Sherbrook delightful. I miss living at Sherbrook Apartments.

The location of Sherbrook is excellent. The complex is well within walking distance of many stores and where it is situated, off Pt. 13, made it convenient to both Pt. 81 to Binghamton, Syracuse and NYC. It also made an easy ride into Cortland and Ithaca. The price of the monthly rent made for a balanced budget. It was well worth the money to live at Sherbrook Apartments.

On a personal note: You and your wife are very fair in business. You have high moral standards and were always ready with a smile or a "hello" or "how are you doing?" I miss that feeling of "hominess". That safe feeling; I could leave my windows open at night without feeling unsafe.

Overall my living experience at Sherbrook Apartments was the best living experience I have ever had. If ever I move back to the central New York area, I will not hesitate to contact you and ask to "come home again."


S. A. V.

Professional Operatic Singer